DISC Personality Assessment

Better Understand Your Personality & Behavioral Styles

This personality assessment tool is a used by hundreds of companies, organizations, and groups around the world. It has been independently validated to be more than 90% reliable, and it has helped thousands of people pursue work where they flourish and find fulfillment.

The DISC behavoiral assessment is based on the DISC Theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston which centers on four distinct personality traits that influence our behavioral self and help define our thoughts, feelings, actions and preferences. These personality traits come from your sense of self, meaning your results are a reflection of who you are regardless of your environment.

It is important for you to understand your DISC profile if you want to flourish in the day-to-day work that you do. There is a strong connection between a person's DISC profile and the tasks they perform on the job. If a person's interests and behaviors are aligned with the tasks they are performing, there is a high propensity for vital engagement and top performance.


Fill out the contact form so our Director of Talent Selection can help you review your DISC Assessment and discuss how your personality relates to a career in real estate. 

Careers in Real Estate

Careers in Real Estate
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